Attractiveness and prison sentence length

There is a great deal of research done that give evidence that in criminal cases, those who are viewed as being more attractive are often given special treatment over those who are viewed as unattractive. Downs and Lyons had police escorts rate the physical attractiveness of defendants in over misdemeanor cases in Texas. They then correlated the physical attractiveness with the monetary fines given by the judge. Their results showed that those defendants who were more attractive tended to receive smaller fines then those who were less attractive.

Attractiveness and prison sentence length

Research consistently finds that while the public expresses concerns about sentence leniency in the abstract, when presented with a specific case, people are typically not particularly punitive Hough and Roberts While Canadian studies have further explored the effect of various social-structural factors on sentencing preferences, absent is any empirical investigation of the role, if any, that the offender's ethnicity plays.

We explore this question using a convenience sample of adult Canadians and four vignettes of an armed robberywhich were identical except for the racialized identity of the offender.

Respondents' sentencing choices and perceptions of offender dangerousness, culpability, and recidivism risk were elicited. Results revealed that the ''black'' offender was rated as being significantly more dangerous than the ''white'' offender and also received a significantly more punitive sentence.

After controlling for the impact of the criminal record and views of dangerousness, culpability, and recidivism risk, there was still an independent, albeit very small, effect of the racialized identity of the offender on sentencing preferences.

The strongest predictor of the sentence, however, was how dangerous respondents viewed the offender. Part of the desire for a harsher sentence for the black offender likely related to views of dangerousness. The implications of these findings are discussed.

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Pre-Judging an Institution's Implicit Strategy by the Director's Private Behaviour

Afrocentric Facial Features and Criminal Sentencing. TABLE 1 Unstandardized Parameter Estimates, Standard Errors, and t Values for Variables Predicting Sentence Length in Models 1 and 3 Model 1.

- Histograms, boxplots, and density curves. (men who volunteered from a prison) pictures of one of three young women. Each picture had previously been decided to be either beautiful, average, or unattractive by the researchers.

and were asked to rate the seriousness of the crime and provide a suggested length of sentence. We will.

Attractiveness and prison sentence length

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Attractiveness and prison sentence length
The Influence of Afrocentric Facial Features in Criminal Sentencing by Chris Ricard - Issuu