Coulumbs law lab report

In most of the exercises, you do not take data, but record a short description of your observations. If high-humidity conditions prevent you from completing certain parts, you may try them again next week with the Van de Graaff experiments.

Coulumbs law lab report

Dry friction and Painleve paradoxes The friction is one of the most Coulumbs law lab report phenomena in a Nature. The manifestations of friction are rather diverse. The laws, with which the friction in concrete situations is described, are diverse as well.

Coulomb's Law Formula

Most popular in the applications are two laws of friction: The viscous friction is well investigated, and its manifestations are clear and are easily predicted. It cannot be said about the laws of dry friction, though they are studied and are used in practice already more than two hundred years.

Note that the friction, arising at sliding of one rigid body on another at absence of greasing, is called the dry friction. The relative sliding of bodies in contact, as a rule, is accompanied by occurrence of forces of friction, which render significant influence on dynamic processes in different sorts technical devices.

Coulomb’s Law 1 Object To determine the power law of the force between two “point charges” and the charge on each of the two “point charges.”. For your lab report please refer to the attached Post-lab questionnaire. The questionnaire must be in and is known as Coulomb's law: F=k Q 1 Q 2 r2! "# $ %& where k, the Coulomb constant, has a value of about 9x N⋅m2/C2. It takes ! electrons to create a 1 Coulomb . SE6. Coulomb’s Law Lab Included, labeled and organized all parts of the lab report. Data section.

The schematic of the Coulomb experiment is submitted in a Figure. In Coulomb has published the first formulation of the law of dry friction in the following simple form.

The external simplicity of this law rather deceptive.

Coulumbs law lab report

As a matter of fact the Coulomb law of friction is the most complicated constitutive equation in mechanics. This may be seen, for example, from the fact that up to now the general mathematical statement of the Coulomb law of friction is absent in literature.

The formulation is only small part of general statement. In experiments by Coulomb the force of squeezing N of bodies was set and was known. However, this force is not known in the most of nontrivial problems and must be found in the process of a solution of the considered task. In some cases, the function N t can have complex view and depends on many physical features of the task under consideration.

Now factors of friction for various pairs of bodies are resulted in the data books. In the simple situations the Coulomb law allows completely to solve the put task. During about one century it was considered, that the Coulomb law does not comprise any ambiguities from the theoretical point of view.

At the same time, the rough development of machine-tool construction in second half of XIX century has revealed many cases, in which, on the first sight, the application of the Coulomb law leads to some contradictions.

The special anxiety was caused by strange vibrations of machine tools in some decades they were investigated and have received the name of frictional self-oscillationsprocessing, sharply lowering accuracy, of let out products.

Sometimes the character of the movements arising in certain conditions was very strange, almost saltatory. Now such saltatory movements became object of intensive researches.

These circumstances, and also the theoretical needs, have forced the researchers again to address to the Coulomb law of dry friction. Painleve In Painleve has published the controversial book. In a paper by Painleve the opinion was expressed, that the Coulomb law is incompatible to the basic principles of the mechanics.

Analyzing numerous examples of application of the Coulomb law in tasks of dynamics of systems with friction, Painleve comes to completely unexpected conclusion: As the logic a contradiction Painleve names situations, when the solution of the basic task of dynamics either does not exist, or is not unique.

In modern literature these contradiction are known as the Painleve paradoxes. Now conclusions by Painleve even if they would be completely correct already anybody would not surprise.

Coulumbs law lab report

In continuum mechanics there is a chapter devoted to the theory of the constitutive equations, where the basic problem is the statement of conditions, at which those or other constitutive equations lead to the correctly put tasks. The Coulomb law is the typical constitutive equation, which, basically, can appear unacceptable.

The merit of Painleve consists that he was the first who has pointed out at this central problem in mechanics. The Painleve results have called forth long discussion, in which such scientists as L.

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Lecornu, de Sparre, F. Pfeifer and, of course, P.Coulomb’s law is confirmed down to length scales of 10 −15 m while measurements on the magnetic field of Jupiter have confirmed this law to the large length scales of 10 8 m. Statement/Purpose of topics: The objective of this experiment was to investigate and verify Coulomb’s law for electrical force between two point charges by using the method of induction verify Coulomb’s law, first the force was measured as a function of distance and the inverse square relationship was tested.

Second, the effect of the magnitude and sign of the charges on the 97%(30).

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SE6. Coulomb’s Law Lab Included, labeled and organized all parts of the lab report. Data section. Syllabus for Engineering) Up to Third Year Revised Syllabus of CE (for the students who were admitted in Academic Session ).

Apr 23,  · Learn how to set up and use PASCO's Coulomb's Law apparatus. Jump to specific sections of the video: 1.

Dry friction and Painleve paradoxes

Introduction [] 2. Setup and Calibration [] 3. Coulumbs Law Lab Report Essay. Words Mar 12th, 5 Pages. Show More. Coulomb's Law 1. Objective - To study the validity of Coulomb’s law on a simple electroscope.

This will be split into two parts; first measuring the the force as a function of distance, and second we will look at how the magnitude and sign of the charges affect the.

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