Faithful dog

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Faithful dog

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Early life[ edit ] Fido probably began life sometime in the autumn of as an independent street dog in Luco di Mugello, a small town in the municipality of Borgo San Lorenzoin the Tuscan Province of FlorenceItaly. One night in Novembera brick kiln worker in Borgo San Lorenzo named Carlo Soriani, on his way home from the bus stop, found the dog lying injured in a roadside ditch.

Not knowing whom the dog belonged to, Soriani took him home and nursed Faithful dog back to health. Soriani and his wife decided to adopt the dog, naming him Fido "faithful", from Latin fidus.

Adulthood[ edit ] After Fido recovered, he followed Soriani to the bus stop in the central square of Luco di Mugello and watched him board the bus for his job.


When the bus returned in the evening, Fido found and greeted Soriani with obvious great joy and followed him home again. This pattern repeated every workday for two years: Fido would stay in the square, avoiding all others, waiting and sniffing the air until excitedly greeting Soriani and enthusiastically following him home.

That evening, Fido showed up as usual at the bus stop, but did not see his beloved master disembark. Fido later returned home, but for fourteen years thereafter more than 5, times [2] until the day of his death, he went daily to the stop, watching and sniffing the air, waiting in vain for Soriani to get off the bus.

Media interest in Fido grew during his lifetime. Italian magazines Gente and Grand Hotel published the story of the dog, which also appeared in several newsreels of the Istituto Luce. Time magazine wrote an article about Fido in April The news of his death was announced to the public by the newspaper on a four-column front-page story in La Nazione.

The cover painting by Walter Molino shows Fido dying on the roadside, with the bus waiting in the background. Fido was buried outside the cemetery of Luco di Mugello beside his master, Carlo Soriani.

Memorials[ edit ] At the end ofwhen Fido was still alive, the Comune of Borgo San Lorenzo commissioned the sculptor Salvatore Cipolla to create a monument of the dog as a testimony of that exemplary story of love and fidelity.

Under the statue depicting the dog is the dedication: Consequently, the mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo commissioned to Salvatore Cipolla a new statue, this time in bronze, which replaced the first one and that is still today in Piazza Dante.They came in as a pair, and they were adopted as a pair — a blind year-old dachshund and his guide dog, a 6-year-old pit bull.

The two found a new home this week, but one dog was discovered a. Dogs can enjoy a pack oriented environment to socialize and play in a structured safe facility.

Faithful dog

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Smart, loyal, and loving — dogs capture our hearts and attention like few other living creatures. In celebration of National Dog Day on Monday, August 26, we bring you 15 of the most famous dogs.

Perhaps for you it began in a darkened movie theatre, breathlessly watching the story of a dog's faithful devotion. Or maybe you were a child of the '50s sprawled on the carpet before a wooden television console, eyes fixed on flickering black-and-white.

Perhaps you became acquainted later, on a color set or by syndicated rerun.


Capitán, a dog who has remained by his deceased owner's graveside for the last six years, proves an animal's love and loyalty transcend the boundaries of life and death. Although he still has a.

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