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China — China, officially the Peoples Republic of China, is a unitary sovereign state in East Asia and the worlds most populous country, with a population of over 1.

Iluko writing a resume

The story went like this: Cool to attending another inquiry into jueteng, Cruz said he had given the legislators all what they needed to know so they can do something about the numbers racket.

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He said he had nothing more to say about the matter. But Cruz was doubtful that another appearance at the Senate would be worthwhile. And this preponderance of situations or events repeating themselves in regular fashion through the years, simply confounded me.

Because time and again, I would find myself writing the same things about something that I wrote in the past, whether immediate or distant. And it simply bothers me that when I go over my files I would find out that what I wrote in the past would need little or no revision or updating at all to express my thoughts or opinion on the instant issue or concern that I am writing about.

Now, to illustrate our point, we are reprinting here portions of a commentary we wrote and published a couple of years or so ago in our regular column in a paper which we edit and see what we are driving at.

In both instances, the main obvious targets or objects of the inquiries had to be no other than the incumbent highest placed citizen of the land, then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her sub-alterns.

iluko writing a resume

And as what happened in the past, the call for congressional inquiry into the matter was initiated by the members of the minority block in both houses of Congress.

Enjoying the luxury of numbers, the members of the majority block or administration party, readily agreed to conduct the said inquiry. As always the case in investigations undertaken by Congress, lines were drawn, roles delineated and side were taken — two opposing sides, actually, those belonging to the opposition on one side and those belonging to the administration party on the other side.

The precursor of this cinematic piece had made its run in both theaters of Congress several times in the past but the public seemed never to tire in patronizing it, particularly since this new version had added scenes involving new actors and actresses. And what a stunning roster of personalities those newly added performers are!

Consider the following news item which appeared in the September 22, issue of the Philippine Star: Lilia Pineda — as being the biggest beneficiaries of jueteng operations in the country during a joint hearing by the Senate committees on Blue Ribbon, local government and on rules yesterday.

But some, if not most of us, the Filipino people, have been here before.


We were not born yesterday. If some of us have become so cynical, even contemptuous of these people who have the mandate and are supposed to enforce the laws of our Republic, should anybody blame us if this early, we conclude that nothing but hot air will come out of this on-going congressional investigations?

Most of those named were local government executives, and everyone denied the accusations. But beyond condemnation in the court of public opinion, what comes next?

Similar accusations in the past have led to a dead end. The Catholic Church has admitted that some of its shepherds are recipients of jueteng largesse.

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Over the years there have been periodic pauses in jueteng operations nationwide, usually when a new interior secretary or national police chief assumes office. It was written by Rev. The magnitude and influence of illegal gambling in the Philippines are such that it is highly conceivable and probable akin to certitude, though admittedly not yet proven before the courts of the land, that gambling money has big influence in political elections, in the appointments to the judiciary and even in the decisions of the executive department.

Even thinking of the possibility, is already disgusting and actually sickening. The evils of such a large-scale syndicated gambling such as jueteng is not simply because it is illegal.

It is truely immoral under the circumstances by which it operates and in the evil effects that it causes. Jueteng does not and will not bring economic prosperity to the people and the country precisely because those who thereby prosper are only their purveyors and cohorts, corrupt public officials and authorities.

In fact this is a big shame and dishonor to the community where jueteng is played, and a big liability and adversity to the country as a whole where it - website a magustoan a pagpalpallailangan dagiti pada a nangisit ti sikona. writing as First Person singular No-double No-multiple persona No-AlterEgo She was just about to resume her Vanessa story review when Christine saw through the glass window spiderman hanging outside the building no, Christine thought, probably a.

Translators and interpreters in Hawaii (GMT – 10). You will note in my resume that I completed a Master’s degree in French Language and Literature.

I taught French for a year and translated diverse documents for administration offices and non-profit organizations. Although Spanish is my second language (reading, writing, speaking.

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iluko writing a resume

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