Pancreatic cancer essay

Pancreatic cancer affects approximately 28, Americans each year, or five out ofpeople" Mayo Clinic, According to physicians at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, "pancreatic cancer is the challenge of the twenty-first century. The pancreas is a gland found behind the stomach that is shaped somewhat like a fish. The pancreas is about six inches long and less than two inches wide, and it extends across the abdomen.

Pancreatic cancer essay

The scientists engineered T cells to recognize pancreatic cancer cells — the cells homed to mice's tumors within a few days of infusion. Mouse image courtesy of Stromnes et al.

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Sunil HingoraniPhil Greenberg and Ingunn Stromnes, tested the immunotherapy on mice genetically engineered to grow pancreatic tumors very similar to those of human pancreatic cancer. Unlike any other cancer, pancreatic tumors are able to survive with a very limited blood supply — chemotherapy, administered via the bloodstream, has a difficult time getting inside.

The tumors can also grow quite large before patients will ever notice something is wrong. And they are very prone to metastasize, or spread to other sites in the body. Patients diagnosed with this cancer face very few treatment options. The median survival from time of diagnosis is six months.

Only 7 percent of patients survive five years past their diagnosis, according to the National Cancer Institute. Mead Foundation and Juno Therapeutics. The researchers aim to launch an early-stage clinical trial testing the safety of this technology in humans with advanced pancreatic cancer within the next year.

Phil Greenberg Fred Hutch file The first iteration The researchers devised a therapy using T cells, disease-fighting immune cells, that Stromnes engineered in the lab to recognize and attack pancreatic cancer. T-cell therapy is showing promise as a treatment for several types of blood cancers, based on early results from Fred Hutch and other research centers, but aiming these cells at solid tumors like pancreatic cancer has historically proven more difficult, Hingorani said.

Part of the challenge comes from the access to tumor cells — or lack thereof. T-cell therapy is administered through the bloodstream, like chemo. But they needed somewhere to start, Greenberg said. Eight days later, large numbers of the immune cells had trafficked to the tumor and were showing anti-cancer activity.

That was the first surprise. There are scientific solutions to that too-short burst of activity. In the meantime, Stromnes had a simple idea: Give the mice more T cells. The team began giving the mice fresh batches of T cells every two weeks, and each new infusion of cells seemed to work as well as the first.

Pancreatic cancer essay

Those that received the mesothelin-directed cells lived an average of 96 days, a 78 percent bump. Stromnes is continuing to work on refining the therapy in mice, but the team has already built the human version of the special T-cell protein that recognizes mesothelin.

Ingunn Stromnes Fred Hutch file Hingorani said he and his team have developed other strategies they deemed too incremental to move to human trials. Hingorani was at the beginning of his oncology career when his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer inat the age of He cared for his father while he was dying and that experience propelled him to dedicate his research life to the disease.

He died in September of that same year. His father, a World War II veteran, had a very hard time when the doctors told him there was nothing to be done for his disease. There are now new chemotherapies that provide some benefit, he said, but their impact on survival is still minimal.Aug 14,  · Pancreatic cancer is a highly aggressive malignancy with a poor prognosis; however, the present treatments are incapable of producing a desired effect.

The patients generally die within six months after diagnosis, and the overall five-year survival rate is less than 5% [ 1 ]. pancreatic cancer Essay. Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatic cancer is a dangerous disease in which cancerous cells form in the tissues of the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer essay

The pancreas is a gland that is found behind the stomach and in front of the spine. The pancreas produces digestive juices and hormones that regulate blood sugar levels.

Pancreatic Cancer Essay

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Pancreatic cancer is nowadays the most life-threatening cancer type worldwide. The problem of poor diagnosis, anti-neoplastics resistance and biopharmaceutical drawbacks of effective anti-cancer drugs lead to worsen disease state.

Patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer that has progressed after receiving gemcitabine-based chemotherapy now have a new treatment option: irinotecan liposome in . Pancreatic cancer stages Inherited risk for cancer Researchers have identified some inherited gene mutations that are known to contribute to the development of certain types of cancer.

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